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Логотип центра по сертификации - Технология
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The company “Technology” is the 7 years of successful work on the market of sertification and more than 1000 clients in Russia, Europe, Asia and USA.

There is only one reason that made our business successful – interests of our clients are the main thing for us. We trust them the most valuable thing in our work – years of experience and knowledge in the certification.

Delegate to us solving of your questions about product certification and use saved resources for the development of your business.

Working principles: - Installment payment With our company you can easily plan your budget.


We don't think it necessary to overprice. We glad to offer extra discounts for our friends. It’s important for us that our prices are favorable for you and you’ll stay in our friendly company as long as possible.

Integrated project management (preparation of packages of documents, laboratory tests, payment of fees, obtaining permits)

Use our resources: great experience, constant updated database of knowledge and professional skill of our employees. All what we have achieved over the years, we use every day for simplification and acceleration processes of obtaining permits

Quality serves on the guard of interests of our Clients

We made system from our service with individual approach to each Client in the center.

In TECHNOLOGY agency is operating Quality service, which has three main directions – supporting of high quality service, permanent professional development of employees, settling Clients grievance

We trying to match the following requirements of Clients:

  1. Quality excellence
    • - Personal touch
    • - Reliability - 100 % legitimacy of the documents issued
    • -Fulfillment of the stated terms
    • - Informing Client about the execution of the project
    • - Perfect package of documents
    • - Perfect clarity of interaction
  2. Quick answer
    • - Time of response to request - no more than one work day
  3. Relevance of services

Permanent professional development of employees

The main product of our work is certification service. The main our assets are skills and knowledge of employees. That’s why TECHNOLOGY Agency has a program of regular training and attestation on certification and conformity assessment for employees.

Specialized webinars for our partners:

Consultations, seminars and presentations for your employees about specifics of permissive documentation on the Customs Union territory.